Friday, May 11, 2012


By: Kristian Gore

 It started four weeks ago. Meg had no idea what had happened just that whatever had happened was bad. It started with the electronics going dark. She suspected it was some sort of nuclear attack in the upper atmosphere which would explain everything electronic being fried but it didn’t explain the aftermath. The panic was expected and she was prepared for it but something else had been going on outside that was harder to pin down.

She caught glimpses of the creatures making noises outside and from what she saw they could have been human. She hoped her boyfriend had found safe haven and would meet up with her when he could. The plan had been for them to hold up in their small apartment with the provisions they had set aside in case of some sort of disaster. The plan had been to wait for the panic to subside and make it out to their “bug out” car. She stuck to the plan for the most part and with the phones down she hoped she would meet him at the car.
Most cars didn’t work because of the electronics in them but she wasn’t too concerned about the car they set aside. Even if the battery was fried they could push start it if need be. She kept telling herself he would be at the car and not to worry too much. She packed everything she thought she would need and looked at the gray, cat oblivious to everything as it napped on the back of the couch.